Stonemont MobileQC

Mobile-friendly enterprise applications are useful when they improve the productivity of the work-force.  To that end, we have created Stonemont MobileQC, an application designed specifically for a tablet-size mobile device for the mobile quality control or sales person.  A mobile device is generally defined as a portable computing device such as a smartphone or tablet computer.  However, generally speaking laptops and today’s hybrid laptop/tablets also can be considered mobile devices.  Mobile devices have a smaller footprint, hence smaller screen sizes, which is an important consideration when contemplating mobile-friendly applications. Currently, MobileQC supports three functional areas:  Concrete, Product Data, and Auto Reports.  You can specify a default functional area to load automatically using your general options in StonemontQC.


MobileQC supports entering concrete fresh properties and water added on the job site.  If one of the fresh properties is out of specification an email can be automatically generated just like in StonemontQC.  Additionally, if StonemontQC is integrated to a concrete dispatch/batch system then MobileQC can import batch results for a specified ticket.  It also can summarize the batch results and if the plant is using batching specifications, such as ASTM C94 or any other user-defined specification, then the tolerances and out-of-tolerance information will be shown with the batch results.  The batch results view pane shows similar information to that which is automatically sent via email when a batch is out-of-tolerance when using the StonemontQC Batch Monitoring service.  MobileQC also can create unique cylinder/cube ID’s that can be used to label the casts.

Product Data

MobileQC supports a real-time query of product results, which can be very helpful to mobile quality or sales personnel that require current data for improved production control or customer service.  This feature is supported for aggregate, asphalt, and concrete plants.

Auto Reports

MobileQC supports viewing auto-reports, which can be extremely useful to sales personnel that don’t need real-time information.  Typically, customers using our Enterprise or Hosted Editions will use auto-reports to automatically generate and email weekly summary reports to sales personnel.  Now, rather than having to find these weekly emails to view auto-reports sales personnel can simply login to MobileQC and view them. MobileQC is a multi-functional application that may be useful for a variety of personnel within the organization.  However, we plan on keeping its functionality focused on doing a few specific tasks that will assist the mobile user. For more information please contact Stonemont Solutions, Inc.

Adrian Field
Stonemont Solutions, Inc.