Using Product Evaluation to Monitor an Asphalt Mix

Introduction   In previous blogs we have discussed the benefits of the Stonemont KPI and the Mix Risk analysis tool.  Mix Risk uses the Stonemont KPI to provide an evaluation of potential future performance of a mix design prior to or during production of the mix.  However, the Stonemont KPI also can be used to

Using Mix Risk to Evaluate an Asphalt Mix

Introduction The previous blog post, The Stonemont Quality KPI, focused on explaining the Stonemont KPI and the potential use of this value as a measurement of risk associated with aggregate products, asphalt mixes, and concrete mixes.  In this blog post, we will show an example of using the KPI and the associated statistical measurements for

The Stonemont Quality KPI

What is KPI? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator, which is a type of performance measurement commonly used by an organization to evaluate its success of a particular function or activity.  It is common for a company to have several performance measurements or KPIs.  It is important that a company balance KPIs across several processes